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A Day in the Life: Leather Weather!

A Day in the Life: Leather Weather!

With so many guides and great practical examples, it’s strange how bloggers continue making common mistakes that are wasting the time of their audience. If you go through different blogs from a niche you’re interested in, you’ll find some awesome posts, but you’ll have to admit that the below-average ones prevail.   Do you want to make sure that the post you just wrote will get the right kind of attention? Here are 10 things you ought to do before hitting publish:

Before You Hit Publish, Here Are 10 Things To Do With Your Blog Content - #infographic

A Day in the Life: Leather Weather!

A Day in the Life: Leather Weather! (Cherrybomb)

10.25.15 Casual in Coach | Cherrybomb Online Boutique

10.25.15 Casual in Coach

Banana Republic natural distressed leather belted shirt jacket in medium. Offered for sale @ $135: O.M.GEEEEE! This find is a triple Yahtzee folks- and just in time for jacket season! This am...

Find of the Day!

The find of the day today caught me completely off guard. I was just minding my own business, doing a quick MBPB run (milk/bread/peanut butter) yesterday at Wal-Mart when I came face to face with s...

10.27.15 Mad for Plaid

A Day in the Life: Bring on the Rain! | Cherrybomb Online Boutique

A Day in the Life: Bring on the Rain!

My current eye candy: Warm layers from J.Crew in this season's must-have color, bronzed brown: Colorful leaves of the season lend inspiration to the bronze, copper, rust, and mahogany brown colors ...

10.25.15 Gloriously Bronzed

What to wear when you wake up >>LATE!<< ()? A no-fuss, no color #urbancasual outfit! Throw on a great #scarf by @livefashionable and you're out the door! Check out the #frugalfashion365 rundown for this look on the blog (link in bio) . Being late doesn't mean you can't look great ! ❤️⏰⏰⏰ Shop savvy! XO -Janine

10.23.15 Urban Casual

Today's find of the day is so versatile it's ridiculous! It has tons of possibilities as a casual dressing layer or is just as perfect with PJ's. This warm fleece-lined gem has a quilted front, a s...

10.30.15 Sneaky Sweats