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Look Into the eyes of Love (Digital Art by Dolores DeVelde) Knowing Your True Daddy, the One you can trust, He who will never leave nor forsake His Chosen and Faithful Bride.

great shot, nice drawing basis?

"Course he isn't safe. But he's good. He's the King, I tell you. Beaver, answering one of the Pevensie children's question about whether or not the lion Aslan was safe (Aslan represents God in the allegorical series The Chronicles of Narnia)

The Lion in dreams and visions, in the Bible as well as in modern literature, is a symbol of the power of God within us working through the unconscious.  The story of Daniel in the Lion's Den is a parable for the need to wrestle with God in the unconscious to find one's true life. The Lion is both noble and beautiful  and brutal and deadly  because he represents the need to die to one's lower nature in order to be reborn into one's spiritual one.

The Lion in dreams and visions, in the Bible as well as in modern literature, is…

Just One step to get back to God

Beautiful truth ~ Realize wrongdoing, Ask forgiveness, Move towards what is right! A process step.

"((Lion of the tribe of Judah))" Only ONE King of Kings and Lord of glad to be traveling with Him and under His wings and tutelage.

He died for me, I live for Him - God Loves you, Click like if you feel his love -

Stunning pictures of Jesus that show you who much He loves you and how beautiful He is. These images of Jesus Christ help you experience Him.

Lion of Judah and Bride of Christ.

Jesus, Tribe of Judah coming to take His Bride home to heaven. There is power in the blood of Jesus Christ!