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After Flying the American Flag for 36 Years, Property Management Tells Elderly Woman to Take It Down

Which retail stores have the longest extended store hours?  (Click for ALL extended Christmas shopping hours.) #christmas #shopping #retail #store #lastminute

Earliest and Latest Store Hours for Last-Minute Christmas Shopping

Find all extended store hours for the Christmas shopping season for major U. Late closings, early openings, and shopping hours.

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OCD can be a bitch. But if you have a bitch with ocd at least you know your shit will always be clean & organized. LoL = ) I my ocd

To all those people who are complaining read this

So, could you stop b*tching?

To all those people who are complaining about the ALS ice bucket challenge movement, please read this.

9-11 Photos The Networks Will NOT Show You!!!  -  Remembering The Jumpers

Photos Remembering The Jumpers - some jumped, some were pushed or blown out. God rest their souls.

Have you ever wondered what the worst lemons of all time were? If so you're in luck because we found a collection of the 50 worst cars ever made.

Could these selected cars truly be the worst cars ever?

G&L Legacy Electric Guitar Tangerine

G&L Legacy Electric Guitar Tangerine