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Raspberry Bean: Working while on a (Break?)

Raspberry Brulee Rice Pudding |

Video of Prince Musicology special MTV 2004-04-20, Other artists talk about his influence and majesty along with a live performance. Photo by CJanssen-Wishaupt

BANDS - Love Them | T-Shirt

I need this I asked my friends if they new who my favorite bands were and they looked at me like I was crazy

Shop the Carrie Underwood Cover Shoot

Hot Pink Shoes and Accessories - Marie Claire Cover Shoot Accessories - Marie Claire

Gypsy lady. Mother always talked about the Gypsies that came around in the 1920's. One was a "Princess"

What Is Code? If You Don't Know, You Need to Read This

A Linux computer, the size of a credit card, draws about 7 watts. Stick it to the back of your TV, plug it into HDMI, a wireless keyboard, a network connection or USB wireless adapter and you're ready for cloud based computing. January's project! (Oops! This is a version 1 without the network jack.)