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Ruth Marshall's knitted pelts of endangered animals, on display this summer at the Australian Consulate-General in NYC, beginning June 27, 2013.


Knitted Animal Pelts : Big Cat Series

Knitted Animal Pelts - Big Cat Series by Ruth Marshall Brings Attention to Endangered Species (GALLERY)

I especially like the Panda and Polar bear prints. These are cards of endangered species on Etsy. -kwa

Jamie Mills and Sandra Dieckmann, for endangered animals

Again this is an animal primarily made of one shape but each is just a little different from the one next to it. It's interesting that the giraffe is falling apart, it makes me think that the purpose of this graphic is to tell the audience giraffes are endangered.

Delaine Le Bas - Dark Arena of Constant Distrust (2008)

As part of a new exhibition at QAGOMA artist Cai Guo-Giang created 99 lifelike animal replicas and positioned them around a serene pool. See more on Colossal:

I would hate to run into this guy in a dark alley.... Or wouldn't I.....