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Fatburger, the biggest, juiciest hamburgers + onion rings made from real onions. Real ice cream shakes. Great tasting chili. And fries cooked in 100% cholesterol-free oil - Northern Quest Resort & Casino, Spokane, WA

Dairy Treet - across from Chapman Univ. Known as Orange’s oldest burger stand, the establishment opened in 1949 on the former site of a local family’s victory garden. For more than 50 years, proprietors have been serving burgers and fries, and mixing shakes from real ice cream, fruit, cookies, and candy. Photo taken by Daralee on July 25, 2007. Closed down 10/1/10 :(

Twistee Treat Ice Cream and Hot Dog Stand in St. Joseph, Mo.

Twistee Treat Ice Cream Stand St. Pete Beach, Florida