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Picard on tablets: Bitches, please.

Bill Gates introduces the Tablet PC. No one cares Steve Jobs introduces the iPad. The world pisses itself like an excited dog Steve ballmer introduces the Surface. People claim they stole the idea from Apple. Jean Luc Picard: B*****s, please.

You took your time, Superman…hahaha XD

You took your time, Superman…

education and technology

This infographic details the history of education technology starting from the time of cavemen to present day. While it’s by no means robust, it’s interesting to check out some of the facts presented.

PC vs. MAC

pcs vs macs Heth -- here's one way to look at it.

Hipsters, Hitler, Karaoke

Funny pictures about The three worst things in history. Oh, and cool pics about The three worst things in history. Also, The three worst things in history photos.


StarTrek: Party Spock is in the house tonight. Everyone have a logical time.

Star Trek Picard Riker 2016 Decal on CafePress.com

Star Trek Picard Riker 2016 Sticker (Rectangle)

Makes more sense than either ticket option we currently are being offered.

How boring a life would be to live it in complete submission - rebel

the rebel in me will never die. let the rebel in me touch the rebel in you, rebels we will be and set us free, all humanity.

jealous girlfriend/jesus haha

If you could reason with religious people, there would be no religious people.

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Funny traffic signs and silly signs: Error Road not found! Wonderfully witty traffic signs and funny road signs. Two cops carrying a road sign.