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Pretty self-explanatory, don’t you think? Don’t have an Orange Stick? You can get one along with all the other tools you will need in the Jamberry Application Kit!

This one took me forever to “wrap” my head around (LoL…WRAP! Get it?? See what I did there!? LoL) It seems like you want the wrap to cover the ENTIRE nail, but trust me, you don’t! If the wrap touches any part of the cuticle or skin, it will not form a good seal and your wraps will lift. Believe me, YOU may see that little gap, but no one else will notice!

Straight up the middle, then start at the base again and go side to side with your thumb. Use the rubber end of a Rubber Tipped Cuticle Pusher (also found in Jamberry’s Application Kit) to continue to smooth and seal around the edges.