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Turn Boring Vegetables into Spaceships and Racecars with Le FabShop’s 3D-Printable ‘Open Toys’

Turn Boring Vegetables into Spaceships and Racecars with Le FabShop’s ‘Open Toys’

Toooooo funny. I've come across the odd unfortunately placed price tag!

The unfortunate placement of price tags. For some reason I laughed so hard at these

Bored at work one day, Squarespace employees Francesco Fragomeni and Chris Limbrick decided to recreate a famous work of art using only objects found in their workplace, eventually leading to their imaginative, ongoing project Fools Do Art. Before long, their hilarious recreations started becoming more and more elaborate, as they started recruiting their coworkers to join in on the fun and began receiving idea submissions from around the world.

Office Workers Get Bored, Decide to Recreate 10 Famous Paintings Using Random Objects

I just opened it with eyelash curler.

Someone posted a whisper in the group Lame Jokes and Pick-Up Lines, which reads "I just opened it with eyelash curler.

Canadian photographer Christopher Moloney brings the magic of cinema to life with FILMography, an ongoing art project that matches scenes from movies with their real-life, present-day locations. After printing out a black-and-white still from a film, Moloney holds up the print and snaps a photo of it aligned perfectly with the actual building, street, or or landmark behind it.

Some Movies are Set in Real-Life Locations, This is What Happens When You Combine the Two

Cage as Disney

Princess Nicolas Cage - just when you thought "Disney Nicholas Cage" meant National Treasure


Finger portraits - can you recognize them? post below Hilarious!