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Carved wood netsuke, late 19thC Japan, Salting Bequest, via Snowonredearth

Insects-Carved wood netsuke in the form of a cicada, late century, Japan. V Museum (Salting Bequest)

Image detail for -Exotic Butterfly Wall Murals

Beautiful and pretty purple butterflies ♡♡♡. HD Wallpaper and background photos of Purple Butterflies ♡ for fans of Butterflies images.

Real - Barber Pole Grasshopper - This one is real. Dactylotum bicolor is a species of grasshopper, and the only presently-recognized member of its genus

"Dactylotum bicolor", commonly known as the Rainbow Grasshopper, Painted Grasshopper, or Barber Pole Grasshopper

This is the Brazilian Treehopper (Bocydium globulare)

This is the Brazilian Treehopper (Bocydium globulare)

Insane Pics: Insane Insect Pictures!

Next up here at Insane Pics is a collection of some of the strangest insects gathered from around the world!


Grasshopper, Painted - Dactylotum bicolor (KS) (edit) Photo by MO FunGuy o.


Species: Belionota sumptuosa Real Framed Jewel Beetle Rainbow Conservation Insect Display Native Origin: Papua New Guinea rainbow colourful beetle

At first glance, I thought I saw a fairy (squint your eyes a little...) dragonfly

Dragonfly after the rain. When I first looked at this I thought the dragonfly was a Fairy!

receive guidance through throughts, feelings, words that we hear in mind or in life and sense of vision (dreams, visions in minds eys and signs we see.) H can clear sso we can see feel hear and know the answers/messages to our prayers

Blue Damselfly (Argia vivida) Damselflies are predatory, preying on small insects such as flies and mosquitoes. Some larger species have even been observed to eat spiders, plucking them directly from.

Praying Mantis #alien #race #humanoid

And were looking for alien life on distant planets! Spiny Flower Mantis (Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii) perhaps? So damn cool!

Painted grasshopper, India.  What colors! wildlife

Painted grasshopper is one of the most colorful grasshoppers of India. It appears the host plant is Calotropis sp.