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Be the voice for the voiceless. If only the owners had cared. Don't breed or buy while homeless die. Spay, neuter and adopt a pet. One by one until there are none.

The best money I've ever spent.

People that say “Money can’t buy happiness.” Have never paid an adoption fee.

a hundred years from now...

Be important in the life of animals. You are their entire world- and their voice. This is my goal for life. I want to make a difference for the animals to make this world better.

Adopt, don't shop!

Dear God, Please find me a home today. I'm scared and lonely, and I heard them say something about my time being almost up. Love, Cage (once known as Jake)

.Damn straight to

PP: Amen! A bit of a rough way of saying it.but nothing pisses me off more than people dropping their dogs off at the shelter because "the kids are allergic to it." Or if you just get tired of the dog and tell the kids it died.

<3 mutts <3

All dogs deserve love, regardless if they're a mixed breed or a single breed.so sad the best dogs are mutts!