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Most people using a mobile phone, cooking in the microwave or driving a car is simply part of modern living. But completing any such tasks is impossible for Debbie Bird - because she is allergic to Cell Phones and Microwaves. The 39-year-old is so sensitive to the electromagnetic field (emf) or 'smog' created by computers, mobile phones, microwave ovens and even some cars, that she develops a painful skin rash and her eyelids swell to 3 times their size if she goes near them.


WHO: Cell phone use can increase possible cancer risk

WHO: Cell phone use can increase possible cancer risk #emf #non-ionizing #microwave #radio #frequency

Cell Phone Dangers |NEW Urgent Warning to All Cell Phone Users NEW Urgent Warning to All Cell Phone Users If you're in the habit of tucking your phone in a pocket, or on your belt, heads up - you'll be appalled when you view this new 2-minute video... Seeing is believing if you still harbor any doubt that cell phones can potentially cause cancer.

A specially designed pocket for your cell phone that protects from the electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and microwaves emitted, reducing specific absorption rate (SAR) by 98%, without compromising the ability to transmit and receive data and phone calls.

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The Shield - Protection Against EMF

The Shield - Protection against EMF Worried about cell phone radiation? In this digital age, most of us are tech junkies, whether it’s chatting on the go or plugging away in front of a computer screen for hours on end. Our time is valuable, and it’s easier to just ignore the invisible effects that technology has on the body. What are Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)? Electromagnetic Fields are a scary and invisible form of electromagnetic radiation. #dherbs

Protect yourself and everyone you care about... including your pets... from cell phone radiation, microwaves, and other forms of electrosmog or EMF pollution.

Dr George Carlo EMF Cell Phone Dangers Interview.mpg

Dr. George Carlo EMF Cell Phone Dangers Interview #emfsolutions

Electro magnetic field, EMF, is a dangerous form of pollution. It comes from power lines, microwaves, clock radios, cell phones and more. It's impossible to eliminate all EMF, but kids should avoid playing with cell phones and standing close to microwaves, and have them sleep far from electronic devices and don't live near power lines.

EMF - How Your Cell Phone Might Be Killing You | Keen On...Dr. Devra Davis