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Reduce your use of plastic, detergents, artificial chemicals and all that other crap you don't really need, & keep our oceans clean!!!!!!!!!

Any questions???. If only we could elect politicians with this world view.

from Retro Planet

Go Mod with a '60s- and '70s Style Dining Booth

Post-modern color collection - California Paints

from the Guardian

Sea creatures and ocean vistas: the watery world under threat - in pictures

Garbage like this shouldn't end up in the ocean. We love it, let's take care of it. ISF Foundation

keep calm and save our planet

The Ocean is a Garbage Can ... Verrier's eye-catching rendering depicts objects bobbing in an ocean. The graphic correlates depth to the number collected since the first Coastal Cleanup day in 1986. In an instant, it's easy to see how difficult it is for marine life to survive in that much detritus.

We all need to work together to save this planet. Please visit save – mother – for more ideas or leave a comment on your ideas. seriously! ... true!!! The one and only habitable planet that we've got... So far!

Bamboo Drinking Straws an eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws. I love this idea.