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Are you interested in having a good time? Is that a trick question? 楽しいことしたい? それってどういう意味?

I don't want a serious relationship now. I just want to have a good time. 今は真剣な付き合いはしたくない。ただ楽しみたいだけよ。

He's so cute. Women fall for him left and right. 彼って本当に素敵よね。どこ行ってももてるのよ。

How are things going since you moved in together? It's a little annoying. I hate it when he doesn't change the toilet paper. 同棲を始めてからどう? ちょっとイライラするわ。彼がトイレットペーパーを替えておいてくれないとすごく嫌なのよね。

That pervert was staring at my chest the whole time I was talking. あの変態、私が話している間ずっと胸元をじろじろ見てたのよ。

The Stigma of Obesity

Discussing The Stigma of Obesity - Obesity/overweight stigma figures into the collective consciousness far more than we often give it credit for – lurking in places and people we’d assume would be immune to its effects...

I'm not feeling so good, so I need to take a rain check. あまり気分がよくないから、またの機会にするね。

I like him, but I'm playing hard to get. 彼は好きよ、でもその気がないふりをしているの。

I know it's shallow, but I'm really only dating him for his money. 浅はかなのは分かってるけど、彼とはお金目当てで付き合っているだけよ。