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Whose church? #chaplains #humor

brassy: “who’s church is it?

Glasbergen Cartoons Comic Strip, January 02, 2017     on GoComics.com

Glasbergen Cartoons Comic Strip, January 02, 2017 on GoComics.com


Funny Workplace Ecard: Nursing - a profession where 'rolling fatties' means something entirely different .

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The Dad and Buried Stress-o-Meter! - Dad and Buried

A.K.A. - Tater has the brain cell today.

Funny pictures about Can't brain today. Oh, and cool pics about Can't brain today. Also, Can't brain today.

Interestingly, as part of an experiment a number of hospitals worldwide have started placing signs that can only be seen from above to tell if out of body experiences can occur.

Funny cartoon of clinical death, changed state of consciousness and near death experience

It's funny cuz it's true! Even after 5 months of not teaching I still ha stuff in my raincoat. :)

It’s common to find dry erase markers, pencils, staples, crayons and other school supplies in your pockets.

How are you doing?

Funny because I have had family say "you must be tired" after the long emergency cases.