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If I was - Midge Ure

Lyrics "If I was" If I was a better man Would fellow men take me to their hearts? If I was a stronger man Carrying the weight of popular demand Tell me would.

Til The Ocean Takes Us All - The Cat Empire - YouTube

Til The Ocean Takes Us All - The Cat Empire - YouTube

carpe diem seize the day...all there is ever, is the now #BeInspired to live the life you love "Wake up and Live" Bob Marley via @YouTube http://youtu.be/-nR2vsnH4Is

Bob Marley - Wake up and live in Santa Barbara 1979

BOB MARLEY - Trenchtown Rock (live)

MARLEY - Trenchtown Rock (live) One Love Peace Concert by blondinreims

Eivør - TRUE LOVE... My true lover is with me... xo

Beautiful music and beautiful story, where the Gream Reaper falls in love for once. Usually I'm pissed off by happy endings, but this one deserved it (and didn't get it).

An Emotional Fish - 'Celebrate' 1990 (Improved Audio) 'Gli Spari Sopra'

directed by Peter Scammel, who also made the video for 'Lace Virginia' featuring Kate Moss. 'Celebrate' went on to be cover.