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i've always dreamt of being a Zoom kid! lol     Tv Show Called Zoom. # 90's #Memories

best show EVER z oo m box 350 boston mass 02134 send it to zoom

Chateau Louise

Chateau Louise Route 31 Dundee, IL This iconic landmark sat on what was once my grandparents farm, and that is the barn where my dad milked the cows.

I had a couple of these growing up.

Retro, vintage, trendy, and hippy style handmade leather barrettes, braid holders and leather hair accessories. Each handmade leather barrette is handcrafted by Old School Leather Company.

SCHOOLHOUSE-ROCK.jpg  - Sufferin' til Sufferage.    "Susan B.....Anthony...." Love it.

New ABC special dares to rank all-time best 'Schoolhouse Rock' songs

How kids learned grammar, Constitutional law and history! Conjunction, junction what's your function? I totally learn my multiplication tables from School House Rock!

Holly Hobbie. Oh how I loved everything Holly Hobbie. I think this is where my love for Calico comes from. She sure has changed.

I remember Holly Hobbie from my childhood. I may have had a HH lunch box but I definitely had a Holly Hobby comforter, sheets, curtains and a Canopy bed with her print all over it.

Image is loading Chateau-Louise-Resort-Motel-Restaurant-West-Dundee-Illinois

Image is loading Chateau-Louise-Resort-Motel-Restaurant-West-Dundee-Illinois

#HollyHobby- At one point my entire bedroom was decked out in Holly Hobby gear.

This brought back lots of memories, I loved my Holly Hobby doll! {k} Absolutely loved Holly Hobbie as a child!

Dudley Do Right.

Snidely Whiplash, Dudley Do-Right, Nell Fenwick, and Horse - one of my all time favorite cartoons!

Tv antenna....Maybe it will be brought back and Cut the Cable cord

Roof mounted TV antenna, popular in the Yelling up when you could finally see the TV picture. Got a newer model on our roof. Cable TV and satellite is expensive.

~ Milton Bradley "Milk Magic Doll Bottles" ~ (The Milk Really Disappeared)

I had these for all my baby dolls~ Milton Bradley "Milk Magic Doll Bottles" ~ (The Milk Really Disappeared).and orange juice, too.

Love's baby soft - My first "adult" perfume when I was a young girl! I still love the smell & would wear it if I were young again!

snoopy snow cone machine by jum jum

snoopy snow cone machine - daughter loved hers. Gave grandson the sponge bob snow cone machine last Christmas! Brought back good memories.

My family loved a Frosty Mug! in Poplar Bluff, Missouri

Loved the A & W Root Beer drive-in. We would get root beer floats from a car hop.