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No ones perfect...but this is close!! I can agree with this... (plus a few of my own added in) Men? Take notes.

The Perfect Boyfriend << when I saw this all I thought of was the boys of They would totally do these things. And I wish there were more boys like them in the world.

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I'm gonna be forever alone. Unless I decide to get a girlfriend those seem pretty cool I kinda want one! Girls smell better than guys and understand periods and usually aren't complete jerks about stuff .

Probaly something like "don't ever mention her name again. That fatty stutters like a hobo at the bar with a cat." haha

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ALLL the TIME! whenever i walk by i feel like the people i know start talking about me or better staring AND talking about me! Only good things of course!

Seriously can't tell if this was really a guy or a girl pretending to be a guy...

Quote VS Reality

A guy in love with a girl. If a girl really wants to know how a guy feels when he is in love.this is sincerely.the God's honest truth.at least for the good guys it is.<< I really hope this is true! I would feel so loved

what some people are probally thinking after this awww or my relationship is gonna end what im kinda thinking right now eww hurl spit vomit bleehh

This mean i have been in love 2 times and i am only in my teens wow am i in trouble. At least the person who falls in love with me will know that i am loyal. Not me but, I have a week or two till I find out if i'm in love, with my crush.

Country Wedding Ideas Mason Jars | Country Wedding and Party Ideas / Country Wedding the stumps would be ...Love this

I will always tell U I love U and how in love I am with U. U opened my heart and my heart will be yours I promise that to U. U r my everything and I will show U if it takes the rest of my life. I love U Kimberlee, always have and ALWAYS will!

"why can't you hug me?" "i won't let go" AHHH CUTEST THING EVER ♥

"why can't you hug me?" "i won't let go" AHHH CUTEST THING EVER ♥ (and slightly scary but that's besides the point)