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The beauty of Haiti where the only color we see is body by the beach.

Cuban medics in Haiti put the world to shame

Cuban medics in Haiti put the world to shame | The Independent I commemorate Cuba extra ordinary service and dedication to the Haitian people but at the same time I condemn Haiti and the Haitian political leaders for allowing Haiti to be in the condition that it is. Haiti self-proclaims title as the most impoverish nation in the Caribbean really have no ground in reality. Take a look at Cuba what have the US done to Haiti and it has not done to Cuba yet Cuban rise. As far as cleanliness…

Why no one is saying Haiti the first black to own its own locomotive or boats but when US black own an industry it the first black to own this and that. Haiti claim it’s black heritage more than any other black nation while other nation claims some kind of ad mixture even Africa nation Haiti is the only one black country to claim 99% African but the others get the title of being the first black to do this. American black and African black even pride themselves as being I’m the first black to…

Dubai's ruler flies more than £250,000 of aid to Haiti in his private jet

Dubai's Emir flies more than £250,000 of aid to Haiti in his private jet

Photos give glimpse inside the rituals of Haiti's Vodou faith

Inside the rituals of Haiti's 'Vodou' faith: Powerful photographs capture priestesses as they invoke spirits and perform sacrifices Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Our debt to Haiti - Columns - Jamaica Observer Mobile Our debt to Haiti ! Jamaica owed a debt to Haiti. This Youngman discovered Haitian involvement in giving amnesty to Jamaican slave running away from Jamaican plantation and was humble by the knowledge. Watch how other fellow Jamaican deal with that knowledge. Instead of being humble by the knowledge how black men supposed to behave toward each other and a fined example for humanity, watch how quick Jamaican go into superior nigger mode on…

Thought zombies were just voodoo fiction? You're in for a nasty shock

Powerful hold: That our fascination with zombies stretches back nearly a century owes much to a U.S. journalist who visited Haiti in the Twenties and decided to investigate voodoo beliefs imported to the Caribbean by African slaves. Pictured, zombies in TV series The Walking Dead

Wyclef Jean, the hip-hop artist and former candidate for the presidency of Haiti, said yesterday he was "committed to ensuring that things are made right" amid news of a criminal investigation into the finances of his personal charity.