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Un cerf, dans le parc de Bradgate, dans le centre de l'Angleterre.

Badger Portrait - Surrey, UK When we lived in "Badgers Walk" in Surrey, we used to feed the badgers in our garden each evening. It was wonderful to watch them close up.

Fox in London snow. did you know there are little packs of them in the city, and they can really SCREAM in the night?

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By Lucy Crossley for MailOnline

This baby elephant's breakdancing routine was captured on camera by photographer, Graeme Mitchley, 43, during a visit to the Kruger National Park in South Africa

“Will this pose do?” Young elephant. Kruger National Park, South Africa by Heather Liebler Photography

Sending love and prayers to you all at this Christmas Time...

Dartmoor ponies... a high numbers of the animals are ending up in horse sanctuaries or being slaughtered and the meat sold overseas as their market value has plummeted. Photograph: Alamy

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PHOTOS: Gorilla Overload!

Ambam, a 21 year old Silverback gorilla, walks on his hind legs at Port Lympne Zoo in Kent Southeast England, on January 28, 2011. The male name Ambam, is part of a bachelor group of critically endangered Western Lowland Gorillas at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent. [Also on this board is a one minute VIDEO of him walking. st] AFP PHOTO/Ben Stansall

The Cairngorms: second of two national parks set up by the Scottish parliament and covering an area of 1,748 sq miles. Five of Scotland's highest mountains can be found within the park and it is often referred to as the UK's arctic wilderness - the areas of the park above 600 mtrs are known as the mountain zone, and form the largest area of arctic mountain landscape in the UK.The park also contains 25% of Britain's threatened species, including ospreys and wild cats(© CNPA-Will-Boyd-Wallis)