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The Great Gem Search ($0.00 on 1/20/14) hide-n-seek adventure game perfect for children ages 2-5. These first 12 levels encourage interaction and spark the imagination through fun animations, great sound effects and playful music. Shared by @iGameMom

My first puzzles: Snakes ($0.00) Kids from 2 to 6 will have fun solving their first puzzles. With 20 different puzzles, nice sound effects, beautiful graphics and 3 levels of difficulty, this game will entertain your children while improving their motor skills.

BingAnimal ($0.00)a fun multiplayer toddler card matching game filled with animal images and sounds. ✓ Develops motor & memory skills ✓ Enhances social skills (play with friends and family) ✓ Keeps children entertained ✓ Fun animal sounds!

Pete and the secret of flying HD ($0.00) An interactive story book suitable for children aged 2 and up.

Accelerated Learning - Flashing - Animals From Around the World ($0.00) For children aged 6 months - 12 years. Accelerated Learning - Flashing - Tools and Instruments ($0.00) Helps develop: •Instant object/word/sound association and recognition •Photographic memory/rapid memory recall •Encyclopedic knowledge/vocabulary •Increased self-esteem/positive attitude •Uses undistorted photographic objects with

EarthMovers free ($0.00) For children 2-10 ! EarthMovers is a simple and fun bobcat app for small children to play with. With simple and intuitive controls that a small child can easy understand, the EarthMovers can be driven around the construction site just for fun, or, for those seeking something more challenging, they can try picking up rocks !

The Drip Drops ($0.00) , the new and only digital preschool property centered on art, color, reading and creativity, provides young children aged 2-6 with the tools necessary to appreciate and investigate the world around them. This fun and colorful app engages children through an interactive world of coloring and movements alongside the lovable Drip Drops characters -- come meet Kellie, Mango.

ABC SPELLING MAGIC Short Vowel Words ($0.00) Teaches sounds of the letters and how to build words. Can help your child learn the sounds of the alphabet. Two levels of challenge are available. First part of the app has a limited alphabet for building words. Second part of this app has the entire alphabet available for building words. Focuses on the skill of learning to spell words with 3 phonetic sounds with short vowel words.

What’s Diff 1 (What’s different 1) - ($0.00) Finding out about the odd one out. Enhance your child’s cognitive, language and visual perception skills, in particular visual differentiation skills. In What's Diff 1, the image differs due to a bold visual difference (for example, color, placing, family, etc). The game is designed for children aged 3+

Tappie Color ($0.00) Tappie Color is a free single game application for children aged 1+ Kids are encouraged to figure out simple but colorful cognitive puzzles based on form, shape or color.