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“Psa I will proclaim Your name to my brothers and sisters. I will praise You among your assembled people.”

Guys. Guys guys guys GUYS GUYS GUYS<-- You know what this means!?!? ULTIMATE SASS-OFF!!!

Chris Hemsworth is a serial manchild adopter, he's already adopted Tom Hiddleston as an honorary Hemsworth, now he's adopted one of his own in Chris Evans. Chris Hemsworth FTW. Chris Hemsworth for Asgardian Dad of the Millennium.

Clint and I have always had a slightly violent relationship. Not like we hurt each other, we're just turned on by the crazy moves the other pulls.

I love how while people point this out, no one really questions that the government would actually do this sort of thing.

Yes, 4 cats piled on top of one another in a small box is funny. But what's funnier is the looks of bliss on their faces. I get why they'd like the warmth of each other's bodies. It's the box part I don't understand. One cat in a box? Feeling of safety maybe. But 4? *shakes head in wonder*

OKAY YES BUT I NEED TO SAY THIS: I noticed that in the scene where all the Avengers are in Laura & Clint's kitchen/dining room, there's a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos on the counter. NOT EVEN KIDDING.

Oliver & Nubia: Assembly of the Watchtower! find this amazing photo from Katzenworld