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25 maps that explain the English language

The Anglo-Saxon settlement of Britain was a consequence of the migration of Germanic peoples from continental Germania during the Early Middle Ages, after the demise of Roman rule in the 5th century. These peoples are traditionally divided into Angles, Saxons and Jutes, but research conducted in the early 20th century suggests that a wide range of Germanic peoples from the North Sea coasts of Frisia, Lower Saxony, and Jutland may have moved to Britain in this era.

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53 Reasons Why Meryl Streep Is The Best

Love how she let herself be photographed up close, un-photoshopped, strong lighting, revealing all her precious lines of experience for all to see.

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good GENES

"Model Wookie Mayer turns sixty this fall. Aside from her obvious good genes and bone structure, I think a lot of her beauty comes from her natural style – unfussy hair, toned body, minimal makeup. I’m taking note of the less is more approach…let skin show through a lightly bronzed face, add color to lips, keep eyes bright and natural. A few wrinkles actually look appropriate and add to her appeal."

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How to make a Viking Brooch

make a viking brooch. **but without the jewels and rub n buff** for HOD unit 23

Kevin Spacey, (born Kevin Spacey Fowler; July 26, 1959) is an American actor, director, screenwriter, producer, and crooner.


Handmade 8 Heart Wreath

handmade heart wreath - make your own fabric hearts from scraps or use bought hearts and sew together to make this pretty wreath

Medieval box for books/manuscripts, said to belong to Anne B. It is French and made from tortoise shell and ivory, an expensive item no doubt. The designs on it are very Celtic looking..

from the Guardian

The Queen, magic islands and Will Self on why the rich are ruining London

Robert Campin. Porträt einer Frau. Um 1430-1435, Holz, 40 × 27 cm. London, National Gallery. Pendantporträt, vgl. Porträt ihres Gatten, ebenfalls London. Niederlande. Altniederländische Malerei. KO 00102

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1906 Types of Windows Middle Ages Tudor Renaissance

Types of medieval window design what if I can do the same for page with SF Victorians? No need o sketch all buildings, just interesting architectural parts! More