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Three Cheese Macaroni and Cheese With A Kick

3 cheese macaroni and cheese with a kick:

r breakfast, lunch or dinner.. I dont care.. I love it :) These little guys are fun to make and are quite delicious! They are perfect foods for the kiddos to help you make and for them to eat. You can stuff them with anything you can think of. I stuffed mine with mozzerella cheese... pepperoni... canadian bacon and pineapple! YUM! Heres how ya do it:

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Macaroni and Cheese Ham Pie

Macaroni and Cheese Ham Pie. Could also use a different meat, steak, Kelbasa, chicken, etc...

Chili Mayo Sauce

This chili mayo sauce is just like that. It's made up of just five simple ingredients and tastes fantastic on fish tacos.

Old Fashioned Home Made Chicken & Dumplings

John Legend's Macaroni and Cheese *****Update****** I made this for dinner several weeks ago. It was very bland and boring. No one wanted seconds and I'd even added a pinch more salt and pepper to the recipe.