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Sanding and re-sealing our butcher block today. I do this about every six months to protect the wood since we do all of our washing and food prep in that area and it gets gross quickly! by house_bus

I was thinking today about how quickly my wall of mini quilts has grown. So I started scrolling back, and it turns out it was 89 weeks ago. How can that be right? But it really was fun to see it change over time. (I added a hashtag to my pictures if you want to see! #camillesminiwall) What do I do when I run out of wall space? Well, I'm not really sure. But I'm definitely not stopping anytime soon! :-) #thimbleblossomsminis #berninausa

Trump is photoshopping White House photos to make his tiny hands bigger.... such a soviet block thing to do... Today hands and crowd size tomorrow entire people will vanish from photos and well disappear.

RIP Jens Risom. A Danish master of simplicity clean lines design pleasing to the eye and connection with nature. Here his Block Island prefab beach house photographed for Life magazine in 1967. The house still stands today. #jensrisom #prefab #tinyhouse #greenbuild #sustainable #blockisland