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White Reef, Paper dress, May 2013, model: Chelsea Chisholm, hair: Adrianne Turner, photo by Nicole Small

So I made this dress entirely out of book pages for a local art competition , I didn't win anything :( - Imgur - not mine this note is from the original pinner

Bettina Hill The shape of paper: arcs and flow 2016 paper, timber, screws 180 x 86 x 22cm

(Paper Fashion by Unknown) The use of paper here is fantastic. The starkness of the white emphasizes the winglike shape the paper creates.

Newspaper dress. I actually can't say this is the first time I've heard of this. I have some crafty friends. :)

Paper swimsuit

Zoe Bradley = high fashion paper sculptor extraordinaire! Here is an example of a paper swimsuit for a window installation for Christian Louboutin... incredible stuff! Check out her website at