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I feel so blessed that I can spend my time doing what I LOVE to do. It has taken many years of a "regular" job and retirement to reach this time in my life. I also feel so blessed to find many folks who like my jewelry that they buy it...allowing me to buy more supplies and make more jewelry!! It just doesn't get any better than that!

I started as an apprentice back in 1995 working for a custom jewelry shop learning how to use a saw, or a rasp file. I put myself through a jewelry program, in Texas, while I worked so I could further myself in my craft. I worked for master jewelers for a decade until I decide to take my own very personal path. I'm proud to say I am able to support myself on my art and I pride myself in catering to a very niche clientele!

Spring 2013 Collection from Tjekijas Design - Sami Lapland Swedish Reindeer Leather Bracelets with Sealskin in stunning colors.

A ring of turquoise colored opaque faceted fire polished glass beads has a cascade of olive-bronze colored seed beads and two-hole super duo seed beads in this design that is reminiscent of the Edward

Thick links of jewelry brass and bright aluminum woven together in the intricate Jens Pink Linkage (JPL) pattern for this versatile wallet chain. JPL is a type of spiraling chainmaille weave that req

The original wood cutting stitching collocation are allowed to make it appear on the desktop vividly seem almost next moment to fly. The eyes full of vigour even make more intriguing, very creati

Title: MAKI ROLL SUSHI cube plush. Makizushi cube surrounded on sides with black "nori". Pattern placement may differ slightly, due to handcrafted nature of each cube plushie. Features: - approxi