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America has GOT to stop talking about the "intellectual elite" like it is a crime.this is how a MONSTER like Trump gets elected



Banksy: he's got a point. I was gonna paint some street art on this electrical box, but I realized I could go to jail for longer than a rapist.

Random Electrical Box Piece by Famous StreetArtist Plastic Jesus

Extremists can found in every faction. Don't let that make you forget that he majority of the factions aren't assholes!! Be respectful to your fellow humans. Unless they are an asshole.

Funny Memes About Religions vs. Assholes<< feminism is a religion now?

Sorry 4 Repost, but this is realy usefull.

The most awesome images on the Internet

Wow what an insightful read. Everyone needs to read these. Life lessons to be learnt right there!

As much as I hate to pin anything to do with The T-word, this is actually funny.  And no surprise he's stupid.

Donald Trump Visits An Elementary School To Speak About Tragedy. sure this isn't real, but it's hilarious

subway floor art...I would feel compelled to walk in the footsteps. This is in a Korean subway and is an ad for HEAD's barefoot range of sports shoes—'they feel like you're walking in bare feet'.  #RePin by AT Social Media Marketing - Pinterest Marketing Specialists ATSocialMedia.co.uk

Korean Subway Car Turned Into A Beach

i'm trying to see things from your point of view but i can't stick my head that far up my ass

There are plenty of Irish jokes, but this one is truly golden. You have to see this… h/t: Herald Sun HA HA! That was SO FUNNY! Please share with your …

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