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G's B-day cake!! Made by Brittany, Brittney, Aunt Lisa and Me!

Shield Soap - Green 142g - Vintage, Retro & Rare

Grandir en Ukraine en rêvant de Clueless

Aftershocks Rattle Italy

They are only servants to Almighty Gravity. They gladly let you down, air, and water; Earth treacherously turns into quicksands; Time turns people into lines of words On their tombstones, in most laconic case. Time shakes most of our believes, and concepts, And puts our trust and courage right next to childish naiveté. Time proves that there’s only Gravity to trust. You are as sound as Gravity to me. -- Vs.

Video: Watch the ad campaign that has gone viral which challenges stereotypes about the phrase 'like a girl'

Advert challenges girls to show their power. Why is doing something "like a girl" seen as an insult? A must see video

There’s a grammar rule that native English speakers follow without even realizing it. When describing something in detail, adjectives are listed in this order: opinion, size, age, shape, color, origin, material, purpose. So, while asking someone to...