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If you’re giving your best to someone and it’s not good enough for them, you’re giving your best to the wrong person.


The phrase "do not be afraid" is written in the bible 365 times. That's a daily reminder from God to live everyday being fearless. 25 Quotes That Will Inspire You To Be A Fearless Writer


"Once you learn how to accept the truth no matter how painful or heartbreaking it is you'll stop wasting time on the wrong people." -Sonya Parker Advise I can really use right now!

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Spend your time on those that love you unconditionally. Don't waste it on those that only love you when the condition are right for them. Quotes & Thoughts via Quotes & Thoughts onto *** Positive Words ***

Yeah... Uh twenty something years

Daniel Franzese: You either like me or you dont. it took me twenty-something years to learn how to love myself. i dont have that kinda time to convince somebody else.

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Saying that you are too busy is really saying you are not worth making time for.  True friends make time no matter how busy they are!  All I can say is someday you will  miss me when I write you off.

The people who want to stay in your life will always find a way. Others will find an excuse.

Get a ticket, pack a bag, run away and fall in love with new places!