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Lovely little bird warm in his little feather coat, enjoys sitting in his berry-filled winter tree. This one of a kind work of art will put a smile on your face, even in the greyest winter days. NEW: This design is available now as a high quality lasercut as well! Check it out here: http://etsy.me/1RznVyz I love nature; birds, trees... I start my papercut by looking in several books and mixing several pictures with my own imagination. When Im finally totally happy with the design, I can…

I love little birds and wild flowers. Both of them are pictured in this handmade papercut. Each papercut is handdrawn and cut by me. For this one I looked at several pictures in my beautiful nature books. The design is a mix and match of both photos and imagination. It takes a good while before Im satisfied with my design, but when I finally am, I start cutting my drawing out of the single sheet of paper with a little sharp knife. This time-consuming process makes every piece totally unique…

Meyer's Goshawk (Accipiter meyerianus) is a species of bird of prey in the Accipitridae family. It is found in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Solomon Islands.

British Birds | A romantic alternative to our large scale florals first designed for AW11, with beautifully-drawn, vibrantly-coloured birds. We were inspired by the kind of birds and blossoms you might find in English gardens | Cath Kidston Library Collection AW15 |

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