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Ridge House members in the 1950s. Back then, the house was all men. The Berkeley Student Cooperative went co-ed in all but two of its houses during the 1960s and 1970s. The Co-op was one of the first providers of student housing to go co-ed.

Title: Members of P.R.R.A. (Puerto Rico Resettlement Administration) needlework cooperative at work. San Juan, Puerto Rico Creator(s): Rosskam, Edwin, 1903-, photographer Date Created/Published: 1938 Jan.

The classic study of how play develops in children was carried out by Mildred Parten in the late 1920s at the Institute of Child Development in Minnesota. She closely observed children between the ages of 2 and 5 years and categorised their play into six types.

Oxford Hall residents, 1954. Housing around 100 students in downtown Berkeley, Oxford was one of the most poiltically active co-ops during the 1950s and 1960s.

Bayou Bourbeau plantation, a Farm Security Administration cooperative, vicinity of Natchitoches, La. Three Negro children sitting on the porch of a house

Title: The home of the P.R.R.A (Puerto Rico Resettlement Administration) needlework cooperative. San Juan, Puerto Rico Creator(s): Rosskam, Edwin, 1903-, photographer Date Created/Published: 1938 Jan.

Evaluating Reliability in Historical Accounts

An engaging and rigorous lesson for teaching students to recognize bias and evaluate reliability in historical accounts using relevant videos and cooperative learning strategies!

#FlashbackThursday: Recognize this building? Here’s a hint: it is located right next to the Baldwin Clearview Cinemas Theater. Built in 1922, School No.4, also known as the Coolidge School, served as an elementary school for local Baldwin students. It was later sold off and converted into cooperative apartments. The building which still stands today is called the Baldwin Manor. — In Baldwin, NY.

During the dire times of the Great Depression students strained for resources were starting cooperatives throughout the country. In February 1933, Harry Kingman, former YMCA director, inspired 14 UC Berkeley students to start the first student housing cooperative in Berkeley. The plan was a success, inspiring members to work all summer to raise capital to keep their co-op alive. In the Fall of '33 the students leased the original Barrington Hall housing 48 students.

Old Mill Constructed in 1930, the Old Mill boasts an iron hub which had originally been of service at Hermitage, an early manufacturing community near the Shannon village between Rome and Calhoun, Georgia, and was a gift to Berry from The Republic Mining (bauxite) and Manufacturing Company. Henry Ford had the hub moved to Berry where the wheel was rebuilt.