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from Club 31 Women

95 Magical Moments That Add Up to I Love You

What is a loving marriage really made up of? You wouldn't believe the power of everyday, ordinary moments to say, "I love you"! ~ Club31Women

-It Matters Whom You Marry- A really eye-opening blog about the importance of who you marry. I urge all girls with Christian values to read, please!

from To Love, Honor and Vacuum

4 Ways to Love Your Husband When He's Being Unlovable

Always wanted shorts like this, but could never find them! Now you don't need to you can make your own customized pair....

from Happy Wives Club

Last Forever

TEXT:  "Marriage if you want something to last forever you treat it differently.  You shield it and protect it.  You never abuse it.  You don't expose it

from Club 31 Women

20 Little Things to Make a Big Difference in Your Marriage

What goes into a joyful and loving marriage? So much is made up of these small things. So beloved bride -whether newly married or not- here's a gift for you! ~ Club31Women

Ah, physical touch - especially non-sexual touch - is so so so stinking important to a healthy and happy marriage! I loved this article - especially the tip about 8 to 10 touches a day!