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How To Stop Overeating Without Changing What You Eat

Improve your digestion! Get inspired with this awesome article "How To Stop Overeating Without Changing What You Eat"

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The Best Marijuana Strains for Depression

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are using medical marijuana to treat symptoms of depression each day, but the search for the right strain is often a very personal one. Cell and animal studies, a…

Fever Grass Tea (aka lemon grass) is a popular bush remedy in Jamaica for treating fevers and aiding in a speedy recovery. This bush tea is also a favorite of Jamaicans for the treatment of the common cold and coughs. The benefit of fever grass however, does not stop at just treating colds...

Pili nuts high in calcium, phosphorus, potassium, & rich in protein. Rich in bio-available minerals, including the highest magnesium content of any nut. Magnesium helps support healthy nerves, muscles & bones. More Vitamin E than any other nut which supports healthy skin, immune function, & protection against various diseases due to its antioxidant qualities. Full of heart healthy omegas, which play an important role in brain function & may aid in prevention of cardiovascular disease…

If we could only see into the cells of our bodies to see what our food is doing inside of us. Picture the inside of your body as the slope of a hillside. Is it lush with green and life growing, or is it brown and dead with very little life. This is what is called the terrain of your body. It is never to late to make a change!


Scientists create human kidneys from stem cells