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How do you keep a telescope stable while flying at 40,000 feet? First, isolate the telescope from the airplane by mounting it on a spherical pressurized oil bearing. Second, direct the wind away from the telescope by shaping the side of the airplane so as to deflect it. Third, stabilize the telescope against sudden motion by spinning three gyroscopes.

Every satellite orbiting the Earth.WOW

Bernard Lyot Telescope [2 m] | Flickr: Intercambio de fotos

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Edwin Hubble, the astronomer who discovered the expansion of the universe, looking though a telescope in 1929

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International Space Station silhouetted against the moon

International Space Station.

A ten inch mirror being polished.

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James Webb's mirror is revealed

Revealed for the first time in all its glory - the main mirror of the James Webb Space Telescope, which will be launched in 2018. JWST is regarded as the successor to Hubble, and will carry technologies capable of detecting the light from the first stars to shine in the Universe.

En el límite de difracción Créditos y derechos de autorde la imagen: Yuri Beletski (Observatorio las Campanas, Carnegie Institution)