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The Twilight Saga on

Vampire Edward Cullen played by Robert Pattinson. Twilight (2008)

The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part 2: Bella, Edward, & Reneesme Cullen

No sound disturbed the courtyard's silence, but the darkness rippled with equal parts surprise and disbelief.❤

Jacob talking about Imprinting to Bella from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse <3 x

Book Three: Eclipse. Bella Swan and Emmett Cullen. Love the wit Bella has. really enjoy the back and forth wit exchange b/w her and Emmett in the books. This is a good display of that wit in the movies

Harry is not a Hufflepuff, he shouldn't be finding things, right? Cedric is the one who's a particularly good finder.

The Twilight Saga, Guilty Pleasure

Aaaaaa this is so cute!!! Love whoever made this!! I definitely vow to this!!