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Baby opossum

Opossum is an amazing animal in the world. We are giving here all facts about Opossum with new photos-images.

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Possum and a passel of babies

Mother carrying baby opossums on her back. The Opossum is the only true marsupial native in the USA.

Bebe opossums

Opossums and Their Tails- Opossums have that are known as prehensile, meaning they have the ability to wrap around things and hold on to them. This is one of the ways that baby opossums hang on to their mother as they travel.

Here is a family of meerkats posing for the picture ©GKmon-DORU-fanatic - all rights reserved This is now available as a print (The print does not . Connect the Meerkats

key deer

awkwardsituationist: “ this muntjac fawn, photographed by jeff moore at the tiggywinkles wildlife hospital in buckinghamshire, was delivered by caesarean section after his mother was killed by a car.


Halcón pechirrojo o halcón negro grande - The Orange-breasted Falcon (Falco deiroleucus)

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