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Site of Johnny Ringo's suicide near Tombstone AZ. Ringo was a friend of the Clantons and McLaurys and disliked the Earp brothers. He may have been involved in the ambush shooting of Virgil Earp that left Earp's arm crippled for the rest of his life.

Pioneer Cemetery, Pueblo, CO - is the oldest cemetery in Pueblo; established in 1870. Reported activity includes cold spots/unusual temperature changes, feelings of dread, strange odors, apparitions and a mysterious black mist.

Susan McSween Barber (1845-1931), as she was then known later in life. Here, living in White Oaks, NM. After the LCW, she became known as the "Cattle Queen of NM". She is buried in the nearby cemetery.

Pioneer Boot Hill Cemetery, Idaho City, ID - Idaho City grew popular after gold was discovered in the Boise basin in 1862. At its peak there were more than 250 businesses. Law and order was considered relaxed and many died in brawls and gun fights, as well as disease, fires and child birth. Activity in the cemetery includes the apparitions of a prospector and a young Chinese girl.

Frisco, Utah, 1880 - This Utah ghost town was once described as "Dodge City, Tombstone, Sodom and Gomorrah all rolled into one."