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Download the TechPet app, dock an iPhone in the robotic doggy frame, and turn your phone into the cartoon face of a canine that’s eager to be fed via touchscreen. This puppy even recognizes gestures and verbal commands via the phone’s camera and microphone.

from BuzzFeed

31 Reasons Pinterest Is The New SkyMall

Charge your phone by breathing. What would you call this type of energy? Someone tell me!

from Real Simple

6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

WeMo Switch - turn your appliances off and on from your smart phone.. Now this is genius!


PhoneSoap Charger & Sanitizer

The only phone charger that cleans while it charges. Good thing, because the average persons cell phone has more harmful bacteria on it than a public toilet! Not just that, but 1/6 cell phones was found with fecal matter! Hey, a little bit of bacteria is good for you, but not that much! Gross! You charge your phone every day, but how often do you clean it? PhoneSoap Charger is proud to be the first and only cell phone charger that sanitizes your phone while it charges.

Phone. no email, camera, or texting. Just a phone that can be used anywhere in the world. compatible with any SIM card. perfect for traveling. so simple it's smart!

from Mashable

The Finger Your Phone Can't Live Without (It's Not Your Thumb)

It's time the pinky gets a think piece. Why, in today's digital age, that little guy is more active than ever.