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The Merge. Integrating growth with a foundation. It needs to be perpetual in you. Or allow your emotions to engulf the wall in all its glory. We all must change; little by little until our growth is complete and we move on. You are loved.
St. Catherine’s Wood, England
MOTH TRAILS AT NIGHT   Photograph by Steve Irvine for National Geographic     In this beautiful long exposure photograph (i.e., the camera shutter is left open for a period of time) by Steve Irvine, we see a group of moths swarming around a floodlight at night. The 20-second exposure lets us revel in…
The Trees Are Taking Over And They’ll Stop At Nothing. We Have The Pictures To Prove It.
This artwork is simply a Kiwi fruit!!!
The Phenomenon Of “Crown Shyness” Where Trees Avoid Touching
Misty Morning, The Dark Hedges, Ireland
Dream weaver
Gespiegelde boom. Wel mooi!