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The top bar hive solves many of the problems with modern beekeeping. Inspecting the hive is much less intrusive and the bees build natural sized comb.


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Top Bar Hive w/ Google Sketchup Plans

A top bar hive for natural beekeeping.

BackYardHive.com - Overwintering Bees with our Insulating Panels - Straw bales help protect the hive from winter winds but the straw bales also attract mice. So put a mouse guard on the front of your hive.

Straw Bales Insulating a Top Bar Hive

kenyan top bar plans

kenyan top bar plans

3571416559_c50087a43a_z.jpg (640×584)

3571416559_c50087a43a_z.jpg (640×584)

Golden Mean Hive . . | Kiwi Beekeeping TopBar Hives A top bar hive that produces more per hive

Kiwi Beekeeping TopBar Hives: Golden Mean Hive .

Here is what your DIY top bar bee hive should look similar to when you are finished

If you are looking to become self sufficient, a good place to start is to have a beehive in your backyard. A Top Bar Beehive (aka: TBH and Bee Box) is a type of beehive that you can build out

Hive stand.

Hive stand.

9 Backyard Bee Homes and Farms | Apartment Therapy

9 Backyard Bee Homes and Farms

From inexpensive and DIY bee house solutions to full on bee farms, the possibilities are pretty widespread when it comes to making homes for pollinators