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Pie Decoration Ideas {click link for FULL details}.<3

Family Feedbag: Christmas tree apple pie demo!

Christmas Tree Cupcakes {click link for FULL tutorial}

How to make gingerbread men garland {click link for FULL tutorial}

Christmas Tree Cookies Tutorial {click link for FULL tutorial} you can even hang them on your christmas tree as decorations!

Christmas Tree Cake Tutorial {click link for full tutorial} includes printable template! #cake #christmas #tree #diy #recipe

Family Feedbag: Fall apple pie

Fourth of July Recipes and Party Ideas #food #holidays #fourth #july #dessert #cherry #blueberry #pies [Prelude: One thing you must understand about white people: they love themselves. And in the midst of this self-pride, are there several individuals amongst minority groups who wish to resemble them; for they see their culture as something more valuable, simply because a native expressed pride of it.] *i expressed pride in my Tunisian roots, and now have before me an army of wannabes.

Mi diceva sempre che ogni cosa va conclusa con una punta di dolcezza.

Mini Gingerbread Houses Tutorial {click link for FULL tutorial}.<3