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It's always the right season for a smoothie. All you need is: dl of water 2 peeled oranges avocado 1 tablespoon cacao powder tablespoon vanilla extract or vanilla powder 3 6 ice cubes to thicken honey maple syrup or stevia to sweeten and 1 serving of Forever Ultra Chocolate. Scandinavia English #salvevitae #purposedriven #Forever #aloevera #foreverproud #goalmapping #practitioner

A ‘udderly’ gorgeous Campervan inspired papercut. The design can be personalised with your choice of names within the windscreen and a date within the number plate. These are the perfect gift for Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries and more. Copyright

What is worst of all, the facial hair always return, sometimes the same, sometimes even stronger or weaker, but there is a completely natural solution, which women from the Middle East are used for centuries. All you need is turmeric, chickpea flour and a little milk or yogurt. Turmeric deeply cleanses the skin, removes dead …

With the passing of the new moon, and the ending of the past week's energy shift, I thought it was time to draw a card for us all to guide us after such a important week has passed. Energetically, much has changed, and we are all riding a new wave of positive energy. This energy will lift us higher, but to ensure that we remain on this new path, there are some things that we need to do. That is why we are being asked to work with Archangel Michael. Cutting cords doesn't only apply to people…

7 Hard Truths About Life That Are Actually Motivational

#2 and #7 have really struck a cord with me.....especially 2. I've had to make some big decisions regarding work knowing I can do better, but I'm being restrict on every direction I decide to go so decided to leave. I'd rather take a step back knowing I need to rather then continually getting frustrated by it all

Pfft, those little angels are always so well behaved! You have no need to worry... Jackson has Bambam in a half nelson (or the other way around) and Yugyeom is planning to take both of them out - ALL IS GOOD! <--- SAID NO ONE EVER!!! But let's remember JB, you are just as bad sometimes ;) #GOT7 #JB

A few of our volunteers have told us they've left a clinical trial feeling better than when they arrived - really! That's what a few days with no work, family pressures, and no expenditure can do for you :)