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"So I hear you didn't have a Gameboy as a kid. I always wondered what first world problems looked like." (because the "first world problems" posts, pictures etc. I see popping up everywhere always remind me of how selfish, spoiled and petty we really are)

Thank you Sister Chittister. Pro-lifers are NOT pro-life, they are bombastic religionists who are more than prepared to watch children starve to death and girls castrated and married off at 8 only to

Netherlands liberation - soldier (probably Canadian) shares his food with two dutch kids. (I love the sharing food pics.)

Starving the Anxiety Gremlin for Children Aged 5-9

Another selfie with flowers around your face, Are you bettering the human race? More dick pics, or pics of pricks next to cars, Yet children in Iraq and Syria starve... Y'all are where? With your squad turntup! Did you care about Pakistani children burntup? By drones flown with sat phones into brown homes in no fly zones, deaths grown from cell phones while you watch me write sad poems. Another picture of your food, you serious? Chaka are you a mad lad & a bit delirious? You know that…

Everything I Have. A poster showing every single possession of artist, Simon Evans. Including a ripe banana.

:::::::::::: Vintage Photograph ::::::::::: Girl living in poverty but she still has a light in her eyes.

This little boy’s name is Hope and he has a heartbreaking story but with a happy ending. He was abandoned by his family who thought he was a ‘witch child’ when he was 2 years old. He wandered for 8 … Continue reading →