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Squint your eyes

Squint your eyes


This is so true. Opening day, this is no shit. I think a memo goes out between the deer herds.

Diamonds are nice, but I'd rather have steel, lead, and brass. ;) - Girls who hunt and fish are a rare gift from God and deserve bigger diamonds.

Girls who like huntin, fishin, and guns arent weird. They're a rare gift from god. Them girls deserve bigger diamonds.

Ain't that the truth!

the world needs more people holding deer in pictures and less people holding cameras in front of bathroom mirrors. Redneck, deer hunting quotes pictures So true

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I hope always to be able to hunt. Until it's time to leave this old world and I lay my head down for its final time. Just in case God lets me hunt in the heavenly woods.


makes me think of my hubby Robbins Hancock he took a picture just like this the other day hunting*So true. If I'm not shooting my bow I'm thinking about shooting my bow!