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Audrey Hepburn, Fred Astaire, and Elle van Heemstra (Audrey’s mother) on the set of ’Funny Face’, Paris, Photo by Bert Hardy. Sometimes the only way to feel better is to watch funny face


A good example of a ridiculously cute hedgehog who's getting real tired of your stuff. Hedgehogs make faces

Wild Burro the mule laughing at the Red Rock Conservation Area, Nevada...

Hilarious images capture animals pulling funny faces

Bilderparade CDLXVIII http://www.langweiledich.net/bilderparade-cdlxviii/

Cute Overload: Internet`s best cute dogs and cute cats are here. Aww pics and adorable animals.

And yet another reason to not post-process the heck out of an image or 'enhance' it with faux vintage actions and presets and fake sunflare...simple, timeless images will always be beautiful.  (image of Audrey Hepburn)

Audrey Hepburn 2

Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face is a great source of wedding hair inspiration. Check out 5 of the most iconic wedding scenes from classic movies!

This is a wonderful cross over between two amazing movies, I'm not sure if anyone will actually understand the references, but to those who do: isn't it wonderful :) and to those who don't: look there is a mask! I hope it's okay for me to post something here that isn't strictly a homework assignment, I just thought it was slightly related.

Totoro: T-Shirts

Studio Ghibli - My Neighbor Totoro / Spirited Away - Totoro wearing No Face's mask