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In My Opinion: There is No 24-Hour Basal Insulin - Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution. A Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars. Official Web Site

In My Opinion: There is No Basal Insulin - Dr. A Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars.

One day I hope I wont have to inject 6/7 times a day!

A wish and a prayer is for a cure for diabetes. Insulin is not a cure for diabetes it just keeps people alive until we find one.

Type 1 Diabetes

I disagree. Diabetes deserves such an ugly title because of how ugly it is. "Disease" fits it just fine. Diabetes is on its own,I just fight against it.

Diabetes YoYo

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Just thought this with funny because it actually happens to me all the time.

What Is Diabetes?

Yes, I am diabetic. No, it is not because I ate too much sugar. "diabetes isn't a sugar problem, it's an insulin problem." So true.

Those days make no sense to me. You can do everything just right and the blood sugars don't agree.

Type one diabetes Going thru this right now. High numbers and seems like every time I increase his insulin dosage, his numbers keep going up.

The Bolus on Board (BOB or Unused Insulin) | Diabetesnet.com

The Bolus on Board (BOB or Unused Insulin) | Diabetesnet.com

Get diabetes right!

Reverse Type 2 Diabetes with physical activity and weight loss. The exercise can prevent or delay diabetes type 2 among other positive effects.

I'm pretty sure that my Daughter must have felt this way a time or two as she was at my Grandson's bedside .

Every night until she grows up and goes to college, I will wake her up and test her sugar:oP We are both soooo tired!

The first thing he told me when we started dating.

Change "you" to "he" and that's what it's like to be a diabetes mom. That is why we set at least 5 alarms to make sure we wake up to check him at night. NOT going to happen to my son!