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Owl in ink. Micron pens in moleskin notebook.

Owl in ink. Micron pens in moleskin notebook.

Fibonacci sequence in nature

you will give a human form to the economy. The Fibonacci sequence in beauty is found in the human face. The most beautiful people have faces that closely adhere to this proportion.

sketch female's orgasm

Cartoon Pink is the name Amy Matthews goes under when illustrating her naughty, erotic drawings. We found a series of O faces that Amy did which are a.


how to draw hand, basic drawing video tutorial - drawing hands is a challenge and it's important to do it right

a couple'a nice gesture references

"How to Draw 'Anime' Hands." This could be any hand.realistic or anime. Not just anime.


Hand Study - how to draw the human hand, in varying positions. I think that this reference is best for when drawing male hands, judging by the sketches.

hand_examples_by_dersketchie (1024x2753)

Hand Examples by ~DerSketchie on deviantART Tutorials by DerSketchie on deviantART Resources for Art School Students and Mixed Media Artists on How to Draw Hands for CAPI :::