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Pijama MissQ My Fantasy Green

I really love unique mosaic pieces - some of my favorites are pieces like this using floral china patterns applied to "feminine" pieces for an unexpected work of art - from the gallery of artist Candace Bahouth

from The Pagan & the Pen ~ An Online Magazine!

Goddesses of Love and Inspiration

Brigid - the Irish triple Goddess of Healing, Smithcraft, and Inspiration

♀ Feminine beauty Fashion Editorial photography fairy in the green forest?

Cute cloak from Artka. Love the boots and leggings underneath... an elvish touch. <--- It looks just like KotLC!!! :D

from A Year And A Day

Áine, the Faery Goddess

In Irish mythological legend, Aine was the Goddess who created abundance for all that grows upon Earth. Description from I searched for this on

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from Metal Gaia

Ancient Celtic Women

Epona - Celtic Mother Goddess and patroness of horses, donkeys, and other animals.

from Compartiendo Luz con Sol

Oración de Conexión y Sanación con la Pachamama

“All of the lifeforms on this planet are a part of Gaia - part of one spirit goddess that sustains life on earth. Since this transformation into a living system the interventions of Gaia have brought about the evolving diversity of living creatures on planet Earth.” Sir James Lovelock - Gaia: ‘A new look at Life’

Above everything , jade feels very connected to the earth. She feels that is the biggest reason she feels more at home in the desert. Because it's so easy to feel at peace with the world