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Enter into the fairytale world.... ( hang old keys from twine in trees , put on tables-wedding ) brandi                                                                                                                                                      More

Modern Fairytale/ into the darkness / Fairy tale / karen cox. Enter into the fairytale world.

Vi vill gärna ha någonting där hägg ingår. Kanske en välkomnande entrébåge med någon häggväxt. Välkommen till Häggquist. . Garden

50 places we'd rather be than in the tsa line

YES. (A fairy tale garden door. this idea. I love love love the secret garden (the movie) and the door covered in ivy and then a hedge type to make an archway and and extended entryway)

Magical Secret Garden Path ... turn ugly concrete pavers into beautiful creative stepping stones that inspire your children's imagination. Colourful butterflies, ladybirds, insects, frogs, flowers and bees can help them 'STEP' into a world of wonder. Check landscapers for end of line bargains ... would make a great school or home garden project. | The Micro Gardener

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So delightful! Brighten up a worn Pathway with Garden Stones / Blocks and Hand Paint or Stencil your Whimsical Designs on them. From Lin Wellford's Rock Painting



Taking a bath outside sounds dreamy, but it isn’t exactly easy. For one, it’s not like you can just plop your tub outside in your backyard. Which may be why hotels and lodges that give you the option for a little al fresco soaking right in your room are becoming more and more common.

The World's Best Outdoor Tubs

The World’s Best Outdoor Bathtubs: Baines' Camp in Botswana features "star baths" on private wooden decks looking out on the Okavango Delta. Photo: Courtesy of Sanctuary Retreats.

this reminds me of the secret garden. it is such a wonderful book where the door is locked and the key buried and the only one who can get in is the robin.

What a magical place. One of our backyard fence walls is covered with ivy just like in the movie. I always imagined when I was younger that there was a secret door that lead to a garden just as Mary's did! Still haven't found that door yet.

I really like the mood created by this garden. it has a sort of magical, fairytale air about it. You can imagine a secret hideaway through the moon gate where no one would now you were hiding and you could escape from the world for a while. I like that faded Edwardian splendour that this conjures up...a mood like Howards' End, all nightingales and Strauss lieder! I'm not quite sure we can get that in Salford.

The Brothers Bawa Photo Gallery Garden Design Calimesa, CA. Photo by Luca Tettoni/Corbis